Book Review: Clinical Nuclear Cardiology: Practical Applications and Future Directions

Nuclear medicine has been considered as a rather special area in diagnostic medicine. But this does provide valuable information not only needed for disease diagnosis but also patient management.  Nuclear cardiology has also been used as an essential tool for treatment strategy and risk analysis for many patients with various cardiovascular diseases. Based on recent guidelines, nuclear cardiology has been considered as an appropriate tool under many conditions in patient with coronary artery disease.

There have been many books widely published in this field internationally, but there are only a few publications from Japan. This book is designed to fully explain nuclear cardiology methods and clinical applications. This book has nicely summarized well-established methods and also new and attractive methods. Multimodality methods have also been included which will be helpful for better understanding the characteristics of nuclear medicine for many cardiologists and scientists. In addition, many Japanese experiences using I-123 labeled BMIPP and mIBG have been nicely introduced with may references which will be helpful for better understanding these values worldwide. The basic concepts of nuclear cardiology techniques and background of basic pathophysiology are quite important when it comes to apply these methods in basic research and clinical practice as well. These important issues have been adequately described in each chapter.

There are some issues which I think will be improved for future revision of this book. When this book is used for daily practice by the physicians and scientists, some suitable schematic figures with nice typical examples should be valuable in order to facilitate clinical applications of these elegant techniques. Some new and attractive chapters, such as atherosclerosis and Takotsubo cardiomyopathy may make the book much improved with some nice tables and/or figures. Many readers are quite interested in recent publications and guidelines. Despite many references introduced, most of them are rather old. Some recent articles suggestive of new and attractive applications will be helpful for better understanding recent progress in this field.

Overall, this book provides a basis for the understanding of a variety of aspects of nuclear cardiology. Adequate references are cited, and Japanese experiences are fully introduced. I recommend this book for any imaging scientists who are interested in multimodality imaging and also many cardiologists who are looking for the best patient management in clinical practice.

Nagara Tamaki,
Department of Radiology,
Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine


Book Information

Book Series: Frontiers in Myocardia

Volume: 2

Title: Clinical Nuclear Cardiology: Practical Applications and Future Directions

eISBN: 978-1-68108-760-3
ISBN: 978-1-68108-761-0

Publication Month: December 2018

Website link:


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